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"Malibu Road": The Other Side of Paradise
Malibu is a magical place known for its history of Hollywood stars, beautiful beaches, incredible surfing, and epic scenery. Those that visit immediately fall in love with the atmosphere. Those that live there never leave. However, behind Malibu’s beautiful exterior and frivolous nature, there exists a dark side of which few are aware. Malibu has been a hub of nefarious activity. It has higher rate of violent crime per capita than the majority of American communities. Those crimes include arson, armed robbery, rape, and murder. The "local beach community" has also been the subject of numerous conspiracies and unexplained paranormal events. It is a known fact that the Malibu bluffs overlooking La Costa Beach was a military launch site for Nike nuclear missiles. The federal government has long since maintained a subtle presence within the area.
Malibu Road is a psychedelic trip down one of those mysterious and dark roads. The movie is a mind-bending roller coaster ride of emotions and a journey into intrigue, love, jealousy and ambition. You will discover things about the characters, but you will also learn things about yourself.
Based on a true story, involving the government’s research into the effects of LSD on American subjects, we dive into the clinical trials that were held by Dr. Raymond Forrester at the behest of one, Timothy Leary. We explore the tactics used to gain insight into unlocking the mind’s sense of reality. We parade through a New Year’s Eve party gone wrong with unsuspecting victims at an infamous Malibu hotel known for its seditious and illicit activities.
Laced with fantastic landscapes, wonderful cinematography, and a talented cast, this is a trip that you will want to take to the other side of paradise.
The road is Malibu. The fare is an open-mind. The cost is potentially your sanity.  Enjoy!