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Premiering at the Montalban Theatre: Malibu Road

Malibu Road will be premiering on September 17th 2019 at the famed Montalbán  Theatre in Los Angeles. Named after the legendary, Hollywood actor, Ricardo Montalbán, known for his iconoclastic work from Mr. Roarke in Fantasy Island to Khan Singh in Star Trek.

Featuring an talented cast of rising stars with network and streaming experience, this film premiere is set to revolutionize the movie-going experience with creative visuals, innovative marketing, and tech-savvy distribution.

The Montalban Theatre is the perfect platform for such a disruptive industry event. Not only will there be vendors, giveaways and promotions but also live streaming, food tasting, and side-show performances plus a killer after-party. What more could you ask for?

The theatre boasts 1000 seats inside, in addition to 250 rooftop seats outside, overlooking the Los Angeles night sky.






Malibu Road is a revolution in movie-making from a game developer/producer turned movie director/leading man to the first movie co-premiering and streaming live on Twitch. Come and be a part of movie history.

If you want free tickets, join our Discord channel for giveaways, or chat it up with our cast and production team.